Microloan Donation

Each donation helps fund a microloan for a small business owner or farmer.

These microloans help small businesses, families, and communities from all around the world to prosper and flourish. 

You can read more about our microloan process here.

Because of your support, we have already donated $250,000+ in microloans improving 1,400+ communities worldwide.

We’ve seen first hand how these microloans improve the quality of life for the entire community and we’re so excited to continue to make these impacts one microloan at a time.

“Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”

Common FAQs

Do you make any money off of microloans?

Nope, these are interest free loans with the sole purpose of improving communities. When these loans are paid off, we buy fabric from that country, starting the cycle all over again.

What if I want to donate more than a $5 microloan?

You can increase the quantity of $5 microloan donations you purchase. So if you wanted to donate $20, then you can purchase 4 of the $5 microloan donations available.

Do you vet the recipients of your microloans?

Yes, each microloan recipient goes through a lengthy checklist to make sure we are providing these resources to those that actually need it. Click here to read about our full vetting process under the "Who receives your microloans?" section.

Is there any other way I can help the cause?

Yes, tell your friends and family! We grow by word of mouth and your simple gesture of talking to those closest to you ends up impacting others all over the world.

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